Domino’s Responds To A Man Who Says He Burned His Wiener While Making Love To His Pizza

I love pizza. I mean, I LOVE it, which is why I try avoid it. If I didn’t avoid it, I’d be laying on the couch giving up on all the goals in my life. Eating pizza makes you a fatty very quick. But, some guy in the UK decided he loved his pizza a very different way. He claims to have burned his dong by having sex with it. What follows is his complaints to the Domino’s UK Twitter Account:

I’m going to throw my hat onto the side of this guy is trolling super hard with Domino’s. I mean, if he wants to f*ck his pizza, he should go for a better pizza than Domino’s. Not to down them, but if you want to have sex with a pizza, you better go all out. Maybe get some more toppings than just Pepperoni. Maybe throw some Mac and Cheese on there. Get weird with it. Well, weirder.

Via The Daily Star, Gawker