Don Cheadle Returns As A Psychotic Captain Planet, And Trees Are Still His Jam

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11.27.12 5 Comments

Remember when Don Cheadle awesomely played a psychotic version of the usually-boring Captain Planet for Funny or Die last year? Perhaps this GIF will jog your memory:

That’s good stuff. And now Don Cheadle is back with an even more extreme version of Captain Planet who loves the environment almost as much as he hates woodpeckers and humankind. As outlandishly evil as this Captain Planet is, it’s still probably a better adaptation than that movie in development. Yes, a Captain Planet movie is in the works. Hollywood is plumbing the depths of lame ’90s male superheroes but still considers Wonder Woman too obscure. Suddenly, I’m okay with Don Cheadle bringing the pain.

I’m going to imagine he’s zapping one of the Hollywood studios’ headquarters. Probably Universal for passing on Dark Tower to sink more money into Battleship. Gah, damn humans. You might be right, Captain Planet.

Check out Captain Planet II below. It stars Don Cheadle, Efren Ramirez, Mike Hanford, India Wadsworth, and Jurnee Smollett. It’s written and directed by Charles Ingram and Nick Corirossi.

[Thanks to the CBM community for the GIFs.]

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