Don Cheadle’s Rock Hard Captain Planet Is Rock Hard, Hilarious


Remember the ’90s animated series Captain Planet — the show about an environmentalist superhero that was the brainchild of billionaire media mogul Ted Turner? Probably not, but it actually did run for three seasons on TBS (or maybe it was TNT…I don’t remember) — with stars like Levar Burton and Whoppi Goldberg lending their voices to the characters — and was produced by animated TV titans Hanna-Barbera Productions. So it’s a wonder that Hollywood hasn’t made a play at turning it into a movie, no?

Well, our friends at Funny or Die enlisted Don Cheadle — along with the likes of Gillian Jacobs, Brenda Song, and Efren Ramirez — to help us see what we’re all missing out on. And you know what? Don Cheadle is Captain Planet. There can be no other. Make it happen, Hollywood! Oh, wait…THEY ARE! Sadly, I was kidding around, so I guess the joke’s on all of us. Waw-waw.

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