CNN’s Don Lemon Unloads On Republicans Who Claim That ‘We Must Respect Trump Supporters Who Believe Bullsh*t’

A recent Quinnipiac poll found that 77 percent of Republicans believe that there was widespread voter fraud in the presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, while only 60 percent of “registered voters polled” trust that President-elect Biden’s victory was legitimate. Not great. These voters are unable to accept reality, CNN’s Don Lemon claims, because Trump and GOP senators like Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn, and Ron Johnson keep peddling absurd conspiracy theories.

“Why do they believe that? Because you have been telling them that!” Lemon said on Monday night, speaking to Republican politicians who continue to push Trump’s illegitimate agenda. “Of course they’re going to believe it. If you would stop telling them that and start telling them the truth, then maybe they would believe the truth, that the election was not stolen and it was a clean election, according to everyone who has investigated, most of them Republicans.” Lemon wants everyone to “stop saying that we must respect Trump supporters who believe bullsh*t because it is bullsh*t that you have been feeding them! The president and you have been feeding them the BS. And now that they believe it… another self-fulfilling prophecy and feedback loop. ‘I can’t believe that. My constituents believe this, so I must…’ It’s all BS! And it’s all made up!”

Lemon’s well-said rant echoes what Whoopi Goldberg told co-host Meghan McCain, who believes the media doesn’t respect Trump voters, on The View yesterday: “Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We lost four years ago now. He’s lost this year. You’re not allowed to kvetch and poop all over this!” (I guess you can’t say “bullsh*t” on ABC, but you can say it on CNN.) Watch the Lemon clip here.

(Via Mediaite)