Donal Logue Debuts His Hipster Bullock Look For 'Gotham'

Harvey Bullock is something of a stock character in some respects: He’s a fat guy, in a trenchcoat, with a hat. The real fun in how he’s written. But, this being Hollywood, Bullock’s been cleaned up just a bit for Gotham.

Specifically, he’s lost weight, found a dry cleaner, and bought a calf-length leather coat. Here’s the first image, which appears to be cut out from a larger promotional image, so expect a lot of these in the next few days:

Honestly, it feels a bit too clean for the character. One of the central characteristics of Bullock is that, well, he lives up to his last name: He’s loud, he’s aggressive, he’s somewhat slovenly, and if you underestimate him, he’ll trample you. He’s the kind of guy who not only has a mustard stain on his shirt at all times, he will laugh at you for pointing out he has a mustard stain on his shirt.

On the other hand, this series isn’t exactly going for comedic effect, and really, if anybody can properly nail a character whose seemingly oafish behavior belies a smart detective, it’s Donal Logue. But if Jim Gordon doesn’t have a big bushy ‘stache, we’re outta here.