Donald Glover Has A Major Crush On Someone On Tumblr, Apparently

I was talking to friend the other night about Tumblr crushes — you know, developing feelings, real, genuine feelings, for someone based solely on the window into their lives they provide for you on Tumblr. Yes, it’s weird, but it’s real and it’s profound and it happens, not just on Tumblr but on the internet in general, though Tumblr seems to be a vehicle that particularly facilitates affection and kinship effectively. Those of us who spend time on it daily are virtually powerless to the charms of the smart, funny, attractive, charming people we follow, and apparently the guy we all know and love as Troy Barnes and Childish Gambino is not immune to having his heartstings pulled by an anonymous stranger from the internet.

Yes, Donald Glover must have a big, fat Tumblr crush, and I suspect he wants the object of his affection to know it if he’s willing to ask a question like this out in the open…

Why can’t we just call it “Tumblring” or “Tumblred?” As in, “I think I’m Tumblring in love with her” or “I Tumblred in love with her.” Tumblr is a derivative of the word “tumble,” which means to fall basically, so why couldn’t that work as a replacement for fall/fell in love?

Meanwhile, I’m dying to know who Glover’s Tumblr crush is? Is it someone I also have a Tumblr crush on? Oh God I hope not because then I probably stand no chance. Let’s just all pray to God that it’s not Julia F*cking Allison, because that’d be beyond disappointing.