Trump Apparently Thinks Al Qaeda Is Spelled ‘Alcaida’ And People On Twitter Are Losing It

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Donald J. Trump has been in overdrive the last two days, which started with a tweet thread in which he said racist things about unnamed “progressive Democratic congresswomen” clearly meant to be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and fellow “squad” members Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. For many, that a sitting president of the United States is, for the umpteenth time, freely spouting bigoted conjecture is upsetting. If you need some comic relief, perhaps this will help: Trump apparently doesn’t know how to spell Al Qaeda.

Earlier Monday the president was attending a “Made in America” event, wherein he was supposed to celebrate U.S. manufacturing but spent most of his time doing damage control over his racist tweets. This being Trump, “damage control” meant doubling down and making it worse.

In addition to repeating that the “squad” can “go back” to their home countries (incidentally, for three of them, that country is America), he added that anyone critical of the U.S. “can leave,” too. For another, he falsely accused Omar of being an Al Qaeda sympathizer. Later in the day, he tripled down in yet another Twitter storm.

While ranting, the president had himself a set of notes, to provide him with facts should he need them. Some curious, eagle-eyed people got a good angle on his notes, zoomed in, and say the word “Alcaida.”

His notes also contained the words “some peopel.”

Oh, and it was spelled “Ohmar,” too.

Now, the notes could have been written by one of his staffers. Nevertheless, people who had spent the last two days horrified that the current American president is telling his critics to leave America got to have some well-earned fun at his expense (while also being horrified that someone who can’t spell is the president.)