Donald Trump Will Receive 4,000 Bags Of Phallic Treats For April Fool’s Day

Donald Trump
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While Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump gains the ire of democrats across the nation, he’s also gaining something else that’s much more delicious, and, um… more phallic in nature. That’s right — Donald Trump will be the recipient of this year’s contest’s grand prize.

The website, which instituted an April Fool’s Day contest last year (Kanye West and Justin Bieber were the winners), is back in the business of sending a high-profile celebrity bags of gummy penises. Right now, Trump is leading the pack of nominees with 3,683 bags, and trailing just behind him is Kanye with 3,012 bags of penises. The way the contest works is when you buy a bag of gummy dicks, you gain the chance to send an additional bag to one of the celebrity nominees with a special code. Other nominees include Josh Dugger, Bill Cosby and Jared Fogel.

Taylor Wilde, who runs the website and dick-sending service, spoke to Uproxx about the contest.

We launched our site last March and thought of throwing an April Fools contest, asking our customers “Who most deserves to eat a bag of dicks?” Back in 2015, Kanye was being typical Kanye and Justin Bieber just got roasted on Comedy Central, so we thought they would be the best people to include. This year, we let our customers decide. Thousands voted out of 16 celebs, and Trump and Kanye topped the list.

Voting ends on Friday, and Wilde stated that Trump’s dicks will be sent to the same address where he receives campaign contributions. Those who buy the bags have the option of adding a bag of glitter, because what would a candy penis be without some flair?