You Can Now Replace All Picures Of Donald Trump With Very Delicious Burgers

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The election may have gotten you down — and you know what? You can feel any way you want to about it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — there are still two months before Donald Trump takes office. And while you will absolutely need to pay attention to what he does then, you can also give yourself a sanity break now by downloading a new Chrome extension that will allow you to replace images of his happy smiling face (or his angry unsmiling one, he’s got that going too) in his “Make America Great Again” cap with pictures of burgers. Burgers!

The extension is called “Make Trump Burger Again” and will allow you, a member of the internet-using public to just get pictures of the best burgers the web has to offer every time you read an article that’s got a big ol’ picture of Trump dominating the space right above or below the headline. Are you ready to fill your life with delicious hamburgers? Then download the extension right here and never look at Trump’s face again! (On your computer, at least; you’re going to see his regulation basketball-hued face everywhere else for at least the next four years.)

(Via Grub Street)

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