Trump Reportedly Thinks The Capitol Police Officers Testifying In The January 6th Commission Hearings Are ‘P*ssies’

Just when you thought the days of being subjected to Donald Trump’s terrible hot takes were over, here comes one of his dooziest of doozies: That the Capitol Police officers who are currently testifying about the tragic events of January 6th are total “p*ssies.”

It’s now been nearly seven months since MAGA rioters stormed the Capitol Building at the obvious nudging of their idiot leader — and then-president — Trump. Yet the former prez, who famously fled hid out in a bunker during BLM protests last year and is reportedly terrified of stairs and slopes, has taken every opportunity during that time to play the “Who, me?!?” game and deny that he had anything to do with the unnerving riots that left five people dead.

As the Daily Beast writes:

In his retelling, Ashli Babbitt — who was shot and killed trying to enter the House chamber on January 6 — wasn’t so much a rioter as she was an “innocent, wonderful, incredible woman.” And, in Trump’s mind, some of the police officers who defended the Capitol that day aren’t the real heroes, calling them liberal “p*ssies” who loathe MAGA, and outliers within a broadly pro-Trump law enforcement community.

In private discussions this summer, Trump has told some people close to him that several of these officers strike him as weak and as ‘pussies,’ according to two sources familiar with the comments and who described them independently. Trump has also maintained that these men seem “broke[n]” by the events of Jan. 6, and that they do not have the supposed toughness or character of the law enforcement officers who, on the whole nationally, still widely support Trump and his policies.

While none of these comments are particularly surprising — Trump’s natural reaction to being attacked is to lob a few insults and hope those eat up the news cycle — they’re still disheartening. There’s no way to erase the four years Trump spent as president, and the damage and division that he caused both in our political system and to the country at large will take years to repair (if we ever can). They’re also somewhat alarming, as Trump really does seem to believe that these officers, whose lives were very much in danger on that infamous day, are — as the Daily Beast puts it — “letting themselves be used as pawns by anti-Trump Democrats, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or simply despise Trump and are Democrats themselves.”

Unfortunately, that kind of rhetoric on the Right is spreading, with people like congressman Jim Banks (R-IN) — who Kevin McCarthy tried to foist on the January 6th panel — suggesting to Fox News that these officers’ words and recollections are not their own. “You could tell at times they didn’t write the statements,” Banks said. “They were merely reading them as they stumbled over some of the words that they weren’t familiar with as they were reading.”

Team Trump did not respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment by the time the story was published.

(Via Daily Beast)