Donald Trump Has His Own $150 Christmas Ornament And The Reviews Are Getting Brutal

If you’re looking for a fine gift for all your family members that sought to Make America Great Again this past election, Donald Trump has you covered. Forget the hats you wear on your head, buy yourself one that’s meant to be worn by your Christmas tree. That’s right, the hat that swept the nation and then won an election, for the time being, is now a Christmas ornament that’s ready to “Make Christmas Great Again.” At least it is if you have $150 lying around:

Get in the Christmas spirit with your very own Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament. Made of brass and finished in 24 karat gold, this ornament is sure to make any tree stand out.

24 karat gold is a total Trump thing to do with a Christmas ornament, as is the price tag. You can currently buy it over at his official site, but you also might be able to find it and many others across Amazon. It’s currently unavailable there, but you can add it to your wishlist until it’s back in stock or you can do what everybody else seems to be doing and leave a review. A very harsh, somewhat outrageous, and pretty frustrated review that seems to be hinting at some bigger issue.

Most of the reviews are quick to note that they didn’t order this ornament, but it arrived anyway. There’s also plenty of people pointing out how the ornament showed up and starting to get a little grabby with the members of their family. Not good for a Christmas ornament, but you expect a little more with such a hefty price tag. Here are some of the best reviews you can find over at Amazon:

There’s also a few pro-Trump reviews peppered in the mix, including this one complaining about Amazon’s alleged lop-sided review policy.

I don’t know if that’s an actual thing, but I do know it is outrageous that nobody has complained about the price. Roll through a few pages of reviews and you’ll see plenty of folks complaining about Trump related things, but not one soul is pointing out the insane price tag. You could buy like four ornaments showing Captain Kirk fighting The Gorn at that price! And you’d be happier!

(Via Buzzfeed / Amazon)