The Internet Has Some Things To Say About Trump’s Claim That His White House Is A ‘Fine-Tuned Machine’

Has anybody explained the internet to Donald Trump? During his press conference where he said drugs were cheaper than candy and left even professional oddsmakers baffled, he claimed his administration was running like a ‘fine-tuned machine.’

Oddly, even as he said this he acknowledged that he was having trouble filling the vacancies in the executive branch. In fact, the stated goal of this press conference was to introduce his new nominee for Secretary of Labor, Alexander Acosta, an employment law expert and socially conservative son of Cuban immigrant who had a long tenure at George Mason University teaching labor law with a focus on disabilities. None of which Trump mentioned in the press conference. As a result, the internet was less interested in policy and more curious about what, precisely, Trump views as a ‘fine-tuned machine.’ In other words it was mostly an excuse to dig out all those fail GIFs from 2013 and put them back to use.

Most notably, we saw a lot from this robot soccer team:

If you’re curious, that would be the 2012 RoboCup, which, yes, is exactly as hilarious as that GIF implies. But why let robots have all the fun?

And, of course, there’s the inevitable crossover with his claim of drugs:

We guess if nothing else, Trump has shown that you can have a good time completely sober, as long as you have GIFs.