Donald Trump’s Hairpiece Lost A Battle With The Wind And Jimmy Kimmel Got Stylists To Weigh In On It

Video of Donald Trump’s hair during his departure from Washington to Mar-a-Lago made the rounds online to kick off the week. While the president’s hair has always been a bit of joke, its state after the wind gets hold of it is something new entirely. There have been bad photo-ops for Trump, but this is a look that Jimmy Kimmel says is like a “cantaloupe rolled around on the floor of a dog groomer.”

Jokes were all over the place online after the video went viral, but Kimmel took it a step further by asking hair stylists around LA to weigh in on the president’s look and what he could’ve done to avoid it. One person just suggests he shave it off completely, another says he needs to invest in pomade to hold it down. Maybe four or five cans, turning his hair into a waxy nightmare that won’t move under any circumstances.

It’s the people who describe what they think it looks like that are the best, including the folks who say he looks like a dog and an ostrich behind. But the best is the one hair stylist who is reminded of Sloth from The Goonies when looking at the video:

Getty Image / Warner Bros.

There is some resemblance there, but there is no way a person is going to be happy being compared to the movie character that was kept locked in a basement for most of his life. You can check out the raw video from The Stranger below and decide what you think is going on with Trump’s hair.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live / The Stranger)