Don Jr. Is Now Selling His Unique Brand Of Shout-y, Amped Up, Unhinged Rants On Cameo For $500

While his dad is holed up in Mar-A-Lago mourning the loss of his blog, Donald Trump Jr. is taking his particular brand of unhinged conservatism to another social media platform: Cameo.

For just over $500, Don Jr. is offering “fans” the opportunity to purchase a personalized video message from him on the site as long as they’re cool with it being delivered within two to seven days. If for some reason, prospective buyers need that video message within 24 hours, they’ll have to shell out $787 for their rush order. (We’d ask why someone would need such a tight deadline for a recorded shoutout from a former president’s child, but that would imply that we understand why people would want to pay for this kind of thing in the first place, which we don’t.)

It’s an unsurprisingly narcissistic move from Don Jr. who, up until this point, was content to unload his disturbing rants and strung-out temper tantrums for free. Now, he wants people to hand over their hard-earned cash for a chance to hear their name amid some tirade over Joe Biden’s workout routine and the liberal left’s war on hamburgers … probably. Honestly, nothing makes sense here.

On his Cameo profile, Don Jr. claims a portion of the proceeds he receives will go to a foundation that supports private military contractors, although Trump charities normally don’t work out too well. Still, at least one person has already made use of Don Jr.’s Cameo offer — a guy from Australia that it seems paid the $525 to have Don Jr. tell him not to worry if his wife is upset that the night of the 2016 election was the “happiest night” of his life.

What is the point of satire anymore?

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