Donald Trump Isn’t Tweeting During The Comey Testimony, But Donald Trump, Jr. Is

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Despite Donald Trump suggesting that he was going to turn the testimony of former FBI director David Comey into even more of a spectacle by live-tweeting it, the president has so far remained uncharacteristically silent on the matter — likely after having his various tweeting devices wrestled away from him by his inner circle of advisors. His eldest son however, is another story.

Shortly before the hearing began on Thursday morning, Donald Trump Jr. began live tweeting the proceedings, in addition to re-tweeting the GOP Twitter account and other various conservative accounts. Just before 10 a.m. Donald Jr. started off with a three part tweet storm, writing: “Flynn stuff is BS in context 2 guys talking about a guy they both know well. I hear ‘I hope nothing happens but you have to do your job.’ Very far from any kind of coercion or influence and certainly not obstruction! Knowing my father for 39 years when he “orders or tells” you to do something there is no ambiguity, you will know exactly what he means.”

He continued, echoing Republican Senator Jim Risch’s thoughts on semantics:

Hours later he was still going strong, but by then others on Twitter had picked up on the fact that Junior had taken the baton from his dad and run with it, and reacted accordingly.