Donald Trump’s Face Replaces This Woman’s In A Terrifying, Cheetos-Fueled Makeup Tutorial

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After the Super Saturday results rolled in with little fanfare, let’s take things back to the GOP circus act with a ridiculous viral video. Trump is currently calling on Marco Rubio to drop out of the presidential race, but Rubio probably won’t budge until his home state of Florida votes on March 15.

There will be plenty of analysis on the Sunday talk shows, but there’s also a nifty makeup tutorial on the rise. This video from the F-Comedy YouTube channel gets really real on a Donald Trump makeup job. Everyone knows about Trump’s uneven spray tan, which may not even be a spray tan at all. Trump’s eyes show the telltale goggle marks, which were popularized in the mid 1990s when tanning beds were all the rage. Surely, Trump has one of these ridiculous tanning beds on his private Trump airplane and regularly makes use of it. No self-respecting spray-tan artist would allow their clients to show off goggle marks.

Trump’s orange skin shouts endless, obvious jokes, which the world fell into long before Rubio called out the leading GOP candidate’s poor spelling and tiny hands. However, this video takes the Trump tan to new levels with an inspired makeup tutorial. The most important ingredient — after concealer and contouring — happens to be Cheetos. A certain amount of elbow grease and frustration is also required. The end results will make something great again, but it’s no one’s face that benefits. Enjoy, and I hope this lady caught a thorough shower after the magic happened all over her face.