Donald Trump Is Relentlessly Trolling Megyn Kelly On Twitter

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If you’re all caught up on the three-ring circus that was Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate, you’re probably aware that Fox News host and debate moderator Megyn Kelly, who has surprisingly feminist leanings, despite the fact that she’s a Fox News host, demonstrated an obvious bias against Donald Trump. Which would normally be an unprofessional attribute for a moderator to have, but let’s face it, this debate was a joke and Trump is a clown.

I know that this will probably come as a huge surprise, but Trump is now holding a grudge against Kelly for her candor, and spent the better part of the past nine hours since the debate sending harassing tweets towards Kelly. Here’s a glimpse into madness:

Most of it was just him quoting his minions, but he basically stayed up all night long doing it:

Kelly has yet to respond to any of Trump’s remarks, but, if I could give her some advice, I’d say it’s probably best to take the high road here. There’s no point in indulging. It only fuels him.