Don't Be Surprised If The 'Sharks Make Movies Better' Tumblr Inspires The Next 'Sharknado'

Something’s been bugging me about this post-Sharknado world of ours: what’s the point? Sure, Sharknado is getting a sequel and will be released in movie theaters for ONE NIGHT ONLY, but that’s the past, man. What about the future? How I am going to get my “sort-of shark puns destroying stuff on land” fix?

That’s what I was asking myself before discovering Sharks Make Movies Better, which, yes. “Producers of the critically acclaimed Sharknado figured out the key to making blockbuster movies. Just add a shark,” the Tumblr reads, adding, “Imagine if they’d solved this earlier.” No offense to Meg Ryan, but Meg Ryan, she of Sleepless in Seattle fame, is no “Shark.” (I love her work in The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Shark.)

To answer my question from before: if Roboshark doesn’t sweep all the Oscars next year, there is no point.