Don’t Tase Thor, Bro

Another day, another bunch of Thor pictures and a new clip.  This movie doesn’t open for another 35 days.  I think we’ll have seen every frame of it by then.  You can print out everything in our Thor tag and make a flip book.  It’s just like being in the theater, but without any glowing cellphone screens or a toddler just wearing a diaper wandering in the aisle, parents nowhere to be seen.  That kid gets around.

Anyway, watch Kat Dennings tase the God of Thunder after the jump.  Or don’t.  There are also new posters lying around here somewhere.  In addition, we have some new information on Jeremy Renner’s cameo as Hawkeye in the film.  CinemaBlend saw a scene at the CinemaCon convention this week in which Hawkeye had several lines and used his bow and arrow while working with Agent Coulson.  So there’s something that isn’t in our flip book yet.

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