Don’t Want To Lose Your Job As A Driver? Don’t Post A Video On Facebook Bragging About Chasing An Ambulance.

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04.09.14 5 Comments

Facebook brag

One of these days, people have to realize that posting every single thing they do, especially anything that might be illegal or misconstrued as such, to Facebook is a terrible idea, right? It’s not like we’re at a shortage of examples, between the girl who cost her dad a huge legal settlement and the other girl who bragged about violating her probation, among many, many others. But here we are talking about 22-year old Danny Jones, whose boss canned him from his job as a driver, because he posted a video of one very ambitious morning trip to work.

The braggart in question recorded himself passing a number of cars that had pulled over for an ambulance, while he laughed and mocked all of them. While Jones now claims that he wasn’t speeding or interfering with the ambulance’s duties, the very dumb damage has already been done.

“I wasn’t actually doing anything wrong.

“I pulled over to let the ambulance past, I was driving under the speed limit, I didn’t go through any red lights.

“I wasn’t stopping the ambulance from doing its job and I wasn’t causing any issues as I made sure that I was keeping my distance.

“I have made the video out to be worse than it is, and made the situation worse for myself, by saying ‘this is the quickest way to get to work’ and it has backfired on me.” (Via the Daily Star)

Despite the fact that he gained at least 24,000 Facebook followers after his video became a viral hit, Jones has deleted all of the videos on his Facebook account. Perhaps one of those new followers can do him a solid, too, and let him know if there are any job openings in his area.

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