Don’t Worry Everyone, You Still Might Be Able To See Kate Upton Nude

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07.12.14 20 Comments

One of these years, you’re going to Google “Kate Upton naked” (which I assume is your homepage, too), and something other than our artwork will come up. Upton, who’s made no career missteps so far except for every movie she’s ever been in, was at some Gillette event when British GQ asked her about doing what so many others (read: Shannen Doherty) have already done: posing for Playboy.

“I never like to say never because there are circumstances that I could do pretty much anything if it inspires me and if I think that it’s cool at the time,” she shared. “But right now, at this point in my career, I’m not doing Playboy.” (Via)

So, there you have it: Kate Upton definitely won’t say no, probably, to not posing in the opposite of fully clothed for Playboy, MAYBE. Or something.

Via E! Online

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