The New ‘Doom’ Is Full Of Easter Eggs, Including A Dying Sean Bean

The latest installment of iD Software’s Doom franchise came this year with a reboot, the first game in the series since 2004’s Doom 3. There have been some questions as to if there was room in the modern game landscape for a nostalgia-soaked series like Doom to rise from the ashes, but those fears seem to be ill-founded considering how jam-packed full of awesomeness the game is. The single player campaign has been the highlight of the release, and it’s full of Easter eggs, memes and all sorts of insanity to keep players guessing and searching.

I mean, Sean Bean even dies in Doom, even though he’s not actually in the game. But Sean Bean always dies. Gamespot caught this latest hidden goodness, while Kotaku has been keeping a running list of some of the insanity packed away inside of Doom‘s single player campaign. There’s just a ton of pop culture, gaming and movie references inside of the game, everything from the Terminator 2 “thumbs up” when a player falls into molten lava to a charred corpse wearing a horned helmet with an arrow in his knee.

There are, of course, references to past Doom games as well, including portions of the map that mimic old Doom maps, inclusions of symbols from the older games, and more.

(Via Gamespot/Kotaku)