Experience The Magic Of ‘Doom’ With Everything Replaced With Tim Allen

It’s (almost) Labor Day Weekend, so why not spice things up with a descent into a very ’90s brand of madness? C’mon, you’ve earned a glorious merger of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and slaughtering demons from hell.

The video you see tucked above is a version of the original installment of Doom where everything has been replaced with Tim Allen‘s ’90s sitcom alter-ego. When we say “everything” we mean “everything.” This hellscape must be the last thing Binford execs see before they die. Tim on the walls, Tim as the weapon, Tim as both the tormenter and the tormented. Grunts piling on top of each other in an orgy of Tim Taylor decadence. It’s a mesmerizing piece of art.

YouTuber Marisa Kirisame‘s surreal blend of Tim + Tim + Tim + Doom + Tim has racked up a hearty 346,000 views since debuting in February and thanks to a recent nod from the AV Club, it’s due for a revival. Give the clip a gander for yourself and have fun trying to reassemble your brain after. In the mood for more crafty Home Improvement weirdness? (Geez, that’s a very specific mood.) Fatal Farm knocked out a remarkable alternate opening for Home Improvement way back yonder.

(Via AV Club)