A Woman Came Forward With A Doug Jones Story That Highlights The Difference Between Him And Roy Moore

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One of the most popular GOP talking points against Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones is that he’ll be too soft on crime, which is laughable since Jones is an actual former district attorney, perhaps best known for having prosecuted two members of the Ku Klux Klan for a decades old church bombing. Whereas Jones spent a good portion if his career putting away dangerous criminals such as child molesters, the irony has not been lost that his Republican opponent Roy Moore is now being accused of preying on underage girls as a 30-something adult man.

To that point, Anna Brittain, a young adult fiction writer and English tutor from Birmingham, Alabama, has come forward with her own story about Jones, and it really puts the stark difference between the two men into perspective. Apparently, about a decade before To Catch a Predator aired, Brittain’s mother worked in the capacity of a “decoy” to help catch pedophiles who would troll AOL chat rooms for teens, and the prosecutor at the time was none other than Doug Jones. Brittain tweeted her story earlier this week, and it is jarring, to say the least, when you consider what Moore has been accused of.

The Alabama Senate special election takes place next Tuesday, December 12 and Moore is currently polling just ahead of his opponent.