LE$ – Gran Turismo Mixtape

At one point within the last month for a reason that escapes me, I wondered where LE$ had been. The Third Coast rapper was one of the few who had earned a solid spot in my listening rotation by releasing solid tapes for the past couple years. His consistency was unmatched as he released projects so frequently that I could barely keep up, but then there was nothing.

So, of course, his Gran Turismo mixtape dropped since it always happens like that. Over the 20 tracks, LE$ reminds us that he’s one of the more sincere and relatable guys out there. The native Texan delivers sound advice and everyday stories, without coming across as forceful or preachy. His relaxed delivery sets the mood, as do his beats. Without working with the same producer, he always comes up with a remarkably cohesive project and Gran Turismo is thankfully no different.

DownloadLE$ – Grand Turismo Mixtape