Spark Master Tape – The #SWOUP Serengeti

Who is Spark Master Tape? That’s a very good question, and not one that can be answered at the moment.

Maybe it’s an alias along the lines of Captain Murphy/FlyLo, or maybe it’s some new kid. Whoever he is, The #SWOUP Serengeti tape is dope, and tremendously knocking. Produced by Paper Platoon, there’s some claps, tons of busy, reverberating bass lines, and plenty of weird little effects not limited to what sounds like a diabolical witch cackling and air horns at the same damn time on “Piñata.”

To further add to the air of mystery, nearly all the vocals are chopped and screwed beyond any clues to his identity. Whoever he is, The #SWOUP Serengeti is extremely jamming.

Spotted: PoW