YelaWolf – Trunk Muzik Returns Mixtape

The people have been clamoring for the Trunk Muzik Catfish Billy to make a comeback, and that’s exactly what’s happening. YelaWolf is on the clock now. It’s been a cool minute since he put out a project that really satisfied his crowd, and it’s no secret that he and Shady Records aren’t exactly seeing eye-to-eye musically right now.

But with Trunk Muzik Returns it’s Yela’s chance to release music without any label muddling, sample clearances or other distractions. Just Billy’s records, the way he wants them to be heard. The project’s produced solely by SupaHotBeats and features appearances from A$AP Rocky, Raekwon, Killer Mike and Paul Wall. And with a SXSW debut, maybe the combination of all those elements can hopefully create that spark for YelaWolf a second time.

DownloadYelaWolf – Trunk Muzik Returns Mixtape