The Underachievers – Lords Of Flatbush Mixtape

Flatbush Zombies put their Brooklyn neighborhood on the map, but in no way, shape or form are they alone. The Underachievers have next in a big way with Lords Of Flatbush serving as their coming out party.

Brimming with an array of sounds that should keep listeners head-bumping and mean-mugging, the tracks maintain a distinct sense of diversity, offering plenty of different vibes. “Leaving Scraps” warms up the affair in a lucid, new-age way, while “Melody Of The Free” feels like De La Soul went on vacation. And between the two tracks? Even more variety.

Hats off to the Underachievers and producer Lex Lugar for putting together such a robust project. Hit play, and be on the lookout for what’s next. Something tells me we’ll be hearing back from these guys real soon.

DownloadThe Underachievers – Lords Of Flatbush Mixtape

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