Dr. Laura On Pit Bulls: ‘I Think They Should All Be Put Down’

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is taking heat after some comments directed at pit bulls and pit bull owners that she made on her SiriusXM show earlier this month. During a segment dedicated to combating loneliness, she recommended that someone dealing with loneliness adopt a pet to help them cope. Somehow, that inexplicably turned into an anti-pit bull screed that triggered an online petition and has advertisers jumping ship.

The dog shelters, there are three in a row in the next town. So I went there one time, seeing what dogs they had . . . Well, it was about 95% pit bulls, or pit bull mixes. Now, I know this is gonna get somebody angry, but I think they should all be put down. First of all, they were taking up space and nobody was going to adopt them. That’s why they were all there, people were getting rid of them. So, all this money — and I spoke to the ladies there — all this money is going to feed pit bulls. You know, it’s like, I don’t feel like giving money. (laughs)

People are grinding out pit bulls and dumping them. And I remember when I was younger you could go to one of these places and find any kind of dog. So, that was kind of annoying. Don’t walk around with a pit bull, nobody will talk to you. Uh, unless it’s somebody else with a pit bull and then the two of them, I don’t know — what, will they fight? I don’t know. I think that’s illegal.

So . . . Uh. At least she was aware that she was going to piss people off? Schlessinger has since apologized on Facebook, but I don’t know that her apology fairly compensates given the weight of her comments. I understand that not everyone is a fan of pit bulls, and whether or not they are good family dogs tends to be a hot button issue subject for heated debate. But seriously: “I think they should all be put down”? COME ON, LADY.

Here’s full audio of her comments, if you need proof that this stuff really did come out of somebody’s mouth:

(Via Huffington Post)