Dr. Oz Solicited Twitter For Questions And It Quickly Turned Into The Latest Celebrity Social Media Disaster

In this day and age, celebrities attempting to engage with fans over social media is the new running for office. If you’re going to attempt it, you best be sure your sh*t is locked down. No skeletons in the closet, no controversy, no blood in the water — as Robin Thicke and Bill Cobsy have already learned the hard way. Dr. (Mehmet) Oz is the latest to make this mistake.

If you’re unfamiliar, on his talk show The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz promotes a snake-oily brand of pseudoscience promoting “miracle” cures for weight loss, among other things. Earlier this year Dr. Oz was grilled by a senate committee over the veracity of the products he promotes on his show and, in so many words, admitted that he’s full of crap.

So, maybe not the best time for a Twitter Q&A? But that’s exactly what Dr. Oz did earlier this week, and the responses were scathing. Here are some of our favorites.

(Via Vox)

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