Dragon Baby Is Here To Slay Dragons And Nap, And He’s All Out Of Naptime

When we last featured the work of Patrick Boivin, he had made a cute, CGI-heavy video of an AT-AT behaving like a lovable pet dog and dropping steaming Jabbas on the sidewalk. Prior to that, he made a video of his baby daughter, Marguerite Bulte Boivin, as Iron Man Baby. Even though Boivan is self-taught, the video was so good that Iron Man director Jon Favreau tweeted a recommendation. Now Boivin is back with Dragon Baby, another cute and funny homemade video.

Dragon Baby stars Boivin’s son, Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin [seriously?], as Dragon Baby, a martial artist toddler wearing Bruce Lee’s iconic Enter the Dragon yellow jumpsuit. Dragon Baby battles a stuffed dragon, and we’re compelled to post it for this .gif alone:


And, what the heck, here are the two previous videos as well:

(H/T: The High Definite and Pleated-Jeans)