This Dad Self-Tattooed His Son’s Name And Misspelled It TWICE


It’s normal enough these days to get a regrettable tattoo. You have a little too much to drink, your friends goad you into picking something stupid, and now you’re forever branded with a crappy, non-existent Pokémon. But what English dad Tom Moffatt did surpasses any conceivable scenario in so many ways, it’s almost unimaginable. Tom, wanting to honor his newborn son Riley, purchased an at-home tattoo kit and inked an ode to his little boy while drunk. As you can guess, this did not go well at all, as he misspelled his son’s name not once, but TWICE. According to British newspaper the Metro:

The 27-year-old from Ashton-under-Lyne was trying to write Riley, but instead of the letter ‘L’, he started printing the letter ‘P’. He then panicked and tried to scribble over the mistake, which didn’t exactly work. And the amateur tattoo session – which took place a few months after Riley’s birth in 2012 – didn’t stop there. The new dad also attempted to write his son’s nickname – sonny boy – just above his knuckles in tribute, but wrote ‘sony boy’ instead, and, for good measure, he then carved a wobbly cross into his forearm.

Unless he’s a hardline PlayStation fan with a strong interest in the console wars, Tom probably won’t be able to explain that one. Luckily, he’s one of the first subjects of Tattoo Disasters UK (the British version of Tattoo Nightmares), and he may be able to get some help with this incredibly embarrassing tattoo fail. Or, if he really wants to roll with it, he could get a full-back Crash Bandicoot tattoo. That wouldn’t be so bad. I’ve got an Aku Aku tat from shoulder to shoulder, and I never hear a complaint.

(Via Metro)