This Drunk Bro Must Have Had The Most Amazing Escalator Ride Ever

This beauty of this video is in its utter simplicity. Someone filmed their drunk bro on an escalator ride to nowhere. The guy thought he was going everywhere, so he stood in rapt anticipation, yet the escalator did not move. He did not notice this omission but patiently waited. And waited.

You know how easy it is to be entertained while you’re drunk? Even the internet is funny as hell after a glass of wine. This bro must have been smashed, so he could have seen clowns and fireworks and lions and tigers in front of him. He was having the most incredible ride to oblivion, but the bleak reality of the situation was being filmed by a friend. The iPhone wielder managed to not laugh at all (very difficult) and then shamed his buddy on YouTube.

The funny thing about this video is that nothing happens at all, which only makes it funnier. I want to party with this guy.