These Angry Irishmen Moving A Couch Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

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Every so often, a viral video strikes a chord and reminds the world that popular things can inspire a joyous experience. Such is the case with this clip (recorded by Jason McCartan) that is chock full of NSFW language, but that’s what one expects from a Chuckle Brothers-style pair. Are these worse-for-wear lads (a pair of Drumquin locals) drunk? Well, that’s an Irish stereotype, but these guys aren’t wheeling a sofa down the road with grace. One of them repeatedly stumbles while the other admonishes him as if this is all his fault. The amused McCartan happened to spot this spectacle and nabbed the footage without the subjects caring that they were being watched.

Surely, these two men started their adventure with the purest of intentions. Soon enough, the wet road ends up soaking up cushions, but a little dampness won’t hurt anything. When one fellow pushes the couch on top of the other, well, that could hurt more than a little. However, these guys know the benefit of rolling a couch down the street while drunk. Landing underneath the heavy sucker won’t hurt quite as much as any sober moving day.

If the couch wasn’t broken before, it’s certainly broken down now.

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