Drunk Jets Fan Pisses Himself While Loudly Pleading For A Geno Smith ACL Tear

You’d think whoever was the successor to Mark Sanchez at quarterback for the Jets for have a little leeway to suck a bit while the team’s fans recover from the trauma of watching Nacho lead their team. Especially since the Jets are still technically in the playoff hunt. In some cases, that may be true, but not for this drunk, screaming, soiled bro in the Nick Mangold jersey. He hates him some Geno Smith and wants everyone to let everyone know by trying to lead cheers of “A-C-L” of “Blow It, Geno” before asking to be thrown out of the game to spare him further agony. Nope, the worse punishment is to make you stay in your seat with your piss-soaked jeans and watch you lament your life choices.