The Drunk UConn Mac And Cheese Guy Calls Himself An ‘A**hole’ In A YouTube Apology

About a week ago, 19-year-old Luke Gatti hit the Internet with sound and fury as he threw a righteous tantrum while drunk and seeking jalapeno-flavored mac and cheese. For nine long minutes, Gatti raged until he was arrested and dragged off the premises. Not only did Gatti act like an entitled brat, he also shared his bodily fluids by spitting on people as he was escorted away. The real kicker is that this wasn’t Gatti’s first rodeo. He’s been arrested at least twice beforehand for similar antics.

The aftermath of the incident is ongoing, but a nearby eatery decided to bestow the guy with his own signature calzone. The fame should be enough for Gatti to survive, being that he was expelled from college. Now Gatti is apologizing from his parents’ home — where nothing is as exciting about raging for junk food. From his had new headquarters, Gatti speaks out on how he was “a complete asshole”:

“When I watched the video a few days later, I couldn’t even believe it was me in it. Like, I was just watching it, thinking, ‘Oh my GOD, like, what the hell was wrong with me?’ Like, this isn’t what I’m all about, and I don’t treat people this way. I am ashamed. I really am ashamed of myself. The thing that has always gotten me into trouble is my big mouth. I talk, and talk, and don’t know when to shut up.”

Gatti keeps at it, saying he felt “seriously a wake-up call” after he watched the video. He keeps on getting arrested and never faced real consequences until now. He could have privately apologized to the employees of that dining hall, but instead, he made a YouTube video and titled it as “Drunk UConn Student Apology Mac and Cheese.” He does sound sincere, so that’s something.