Drunk Neil Patrick Harris Is The Best Neil Patrick Harris

Many may love Neil Patrick Harris for his energetic musical numbers at the Tony Awards. Others will point to his adorable family as their reason for heaping praise upon the man. And some might still be able to point to his role on How I Met Your Mother as their sole reason, but I don’t trust those people one bit.

My favorite Neil Patrick Harris is this drunken version from Mexico that Harris shared on Instagram. Not only is this version more fun to be around, but he can probably make a mean drink. I’m not so sure he’d be willing to share it though.

It’s refreshing to get two positive stories out of Mexico in one day, even if they’re only celebrity stories. I can only hope that Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and Drunk Patrick Harris can explore Mexico as a group sometime. Together they could clean up the cartels and boost spirits around the country. Of course they could also get their heads cut off in a bloody tragedy. Certainly a risk worth taking in the name of fun and peace.

(Images via Neil Patrick Harris / Pajiba )