This Drunken Airplane Passenger Had To Be Duct-Taped Into Submission By A Dozen Men

A drunken, belligerent man ended up duct taped and restrained after he began insulting and shoving his fellow passengers. This shocking video was filmed on a Siberia Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok. The man goes in hard as an eyewitness grabbed their phone and recorded the smackdown for posterity. Once people noticed this guy’s behavior, it took a dozen people to restrain him with duct tape and seatbelts. Vostok Media reports how the unidentified man was taken into police custody upon landing.

Did the passengers go overboard by kicking and punching this guy into submission? In close quarters, they may have felt the pressure to get the job done. The final product was almost comical but all too necessary.

No one knows what happened to the man after his arrest, but his story’s making the rounds on social media. On the Passenger Shaming Facebook page, internet users are simply happy no one needs to send this guy to Siberia. He’s there already.

(Via Vostok Media, Passenger Shaming, and Mashable)