Phil Robertson Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Thinks Just Because Americans Can Protest Doesn’t Mean They Should

Since getting quietly canceled in 2016, the stars of A&E’s Duck Dynasty have kept a relatively low profile. But now patriarch Phil Robertson is stepping back into the spotlight with a new series for the online right-wing streaming platform CRTV called In the Woods With Phil, which seems to be exactly what it sounds like: Phil goes into the woods to escape rampant political correctness afflicting America, or as he likes to say, “pontificated crap.”

On Tuesday morning Fox and Friends welcomed Robertson on to talk about his new show, and when asked about the premise, the reality star turned his attention to the subject of peaceful protest. “Look, I’m 71. So far I’ve never seen anything big enough for me to protest,” he said. “I have the right, you have the right to peaceably assemble and air your grievances. I’m 71, but so far nothing has risen to the level to make me go protest anything.”

When host Brian Kilmeade followed up with a question about whether or not America is turning into a “protest culture,” Robertson unequivocally stated, “My take on it is just because you can protest, doesn’t mean that’s a good reason to protest. ‘Well I can so I have to do it.'”

Next Robertson was asked his opinion about the national anthem protests, specifically, and that’s where things went off the rails as he somehow started rambling about the opioid crisis until Kimeade gave the camera a panicked “we’ve made a huge mistake” look around the 2:45 mark and the team quickly ended the segment after that.

CRTV subscribers can likely be sure to expect all this and more from In the Woods With Phil.