This Stoned Kid Took A Selfie With The Officer Who Arrested Him For DUI

When 20-year-old Gilbert Phelps was pulled over in Iowa City last week for allegedly speeding and having an obstructed registration sticker, Iowa City Police Department Officer Ben Hektoen detected an odor of “ingested alcohol” inside the suspect’s Toyota Camry. When questioned, Phelps copped to smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel and later failed field-sobriety tests. Although a breathalyzer test turned up nothing, it was concluded that Phelps was under the influence of cannabis and not fit to operate a motor vehicle.

After Phelps was brought into the police station for testing, however, I’m not sure who the better sport was about the whole thing, as Phelps decided to capture the moment for posterity with a Snapchat selfie, which Officer Hektoen “happily obliged” to. The 20-year-old told the officer that he captioned the photo with emoji icons showing “a police car, next to a passenger car, next to a tow truck.”

No face with tears pouring down the side or eggplant because he is royally f*cked? Amateur.

Either this kid learned his lesson about smoking weed and driving the hard way or he just won the most impressive Snapchat scavenger hunt ever.

(Via The Smoking Gun and Death & Taxes)