Dungeons And Dragons Nerds Fired Back At ‘SNL’ Over A Kit Harrington Sketch

04.10.19 2 months ago

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Kit Harrington’s turn on Saturday Night Live certainly had its moments, unless you wanted spoilers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. He made fun of VR video games, sang a few tunes and even did a bit of stripping. But one sketch has caused plenty of derision from Harrington’s core audience: nerds.

One sketch that didn’t get a lot of attention at the time involved Harrington as an office worker who wins an employee of the month award that his co-workers are clearly upset about. The three then start fighting, though it’s clear that the fighting is not all that real.

The sketch was clearly making fun of people who love things like Dungeons and Dragons. And, worse than that it showed a complete disregard for how turn-based combat actually works, it painted them all as nerdy weirdos with no regard for how the real world functions.

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