A Dunkin’ Donuts Employee’s TikTok About Hide & Seek At Work Will Make You Facepalm In Disbelief

TikTok is great (hear me out) because when someone has a really good storytime, there is no telling where it will go. For instance, a man named Ron Clark recently decided to tell his tale of a fateful Dunkin’ Donuts shift that landed him in the ER…and he told this edge-of-your-seat story by rapping it (rhymes and all!)

After pulling a last-minute shift, Clark was bored with his co-worker when he decided to play hide and seek, which sounds dangerous to do in a kitchen filled with hot coffee and sharp knives, but hey, you have to learn somehow. He sang, “I went inside to find a place to hide, I’m very competitive and that’s not a lie. I saw the oven and I knew I could fit. I thought like that because I’m an idiot.” If your first thought is “I can fit in this oven,” maybe it’s best to have someone with you to tell you that that is not a very good idea.

But! It gets worse. Clark sang, “The oven stayed on all day it was always hot. It’s where we cooked our muffins, brownies, and croissants. And so I crawled inside and I pulled closed the door, and then I realized you cannot open an oven door from the inside,” in an effort to have the best hiding spot in the history of hide and seek, Clark had locked himself in the oven. If you can believe it, it gets even worse.

Clark yelled to his co-worker for help, “I quickly knew what had to do, ‘Ryan crawl through the drive-thru!'” In a stunning turn of events that mimics a Spongebob Squarepants episode, Ryan was then stuck in the drive-thru, while Ron was stuck in the oven. So who was manning the Dunkin’ Donuts counter?! Nobody! Are you on the edge of your seat yet? Does this type of thing ever happen at Starbucks?

The duo ended up in the ER, where Clark said most of his hair had burnt off, but they survived and he did not get fired… just lightly toasted…. get it?!

The moral of the story here is that it’s probably not a good idea to play hide and seek in a Dunkin’… unless you are Ben Affleck. He could probably pull it off.

(Via Mashed)