Dustin Diamond’s Lawyer Is Already Screwing Up His Stabbing Trial

Dustin Diamond And Amanda Schutz Further Proceedings
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The saga of former Saved By the Bell star Dustin Diamond‘s stabbing trial just keeps getting better and better. After his initial arrest for carrying a switchblade in December, it was revealed that Diamond had allegedly stabbed someone beforehand. It later came out that earlier that day, prior to the alleged stabbing incident and arrest, Diamond had allegedly threatened to stab someone else. Now the trial itself has made news again today (unfortunately).

According to People, Diamond’s trial lawyer got in trouble with the judge over a simple matter of vehicular decoration and media-baiting:

One of the cars in the lot had the words “Good luck to Dustin & Amanda” written on its back window, referring to the former Saved by the Bell star, 38, and his fiancée Amanda Schutz, who is also on trial.

Questioned by the judge, Diamond’s lawyer, Thomas Alberti, admitted it was his car, reports Milwaukee’s WTMJ radio.

Ozaukee County Judge Paul Malloy was furious. He gave Alberti five minutes to remove the message. “I’m telling you right now, any more shenanigans like that and you’ll find yourself in contempt faster than fast,” Malloy said.

Alberti later explained his actions, saying:

“They’re just good people. I want to put on a good defense for them. What they did wasn’t wrong. We’re going to prove that in court, and no more messages on cars. We’ll do it in the courtroom.”

Honestly, Alberti’s explanation to the press does more to humanize Diamond than anything else the actor himself has ever done. This includes his boxing match with Ron Palillo on FOX’s short-lived Celebrity Boxing and, um, allegedly stabbing a guy at a bar in Wisconsin.

(Via People)