The Rock Responds To Those ‘Lobo’ Rumors

Back in May we reported the rumor that Dwayne Johnson might be playing DC Comics action hero / badass alien biker Lobo. You may be more familiar with Johnson by his nickname, “The Rock”, which he uses while demonstrating his world-renown cooking skills. This famous chef is often spotted asking people if they smell what he’s cooking. Hold up, I’m being handed a memo . . . Oh. My assistant informs me The Rock is not, in fact, a chef, but rather was a pro wrestler who made a successful transition to acting. That explains why he’s so ripped but doesn’t explain all the mentions of his meal preparations.

Oddly enough, Dwayne Johnson hasn’t played a superhero yet, despite looking and acting the part far better than many others who’ve been given the opportunity. It appears DC Comics has finally taken notice. Johnson confirmed the Lobo casting on Twitter yesterday, telling a fan, “Rumors of me possibly playing LOBO are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun.”

We’re hoping it will be as fun as the comic, but we’re not so sure. The script is being penned by Brad Peyton, the director of cheesy, kid-friendly sequels Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, two movies which actually exist. Producer Joel Silver has been developing the project as a family friendly romp.

[Silver has] lately been insistent that the hyper-violent comic book – from the team of Keith Giffen, Alan Grant and Simon Bisley – be transformed into a four-quadrant romp in which the the Czarnian bruiser teams up with a teenage tomboy. I read Don Payne’s draft of the script back in 2009 when Ritchie came onboard, and I can confirm that it is heavy on sass and virtually devoid of gore or profanity. To be honest, it was f–king terrible, which may be why Peyton has also been brought on to rewrite. [AICN]

Yes, family friendly. On a comic where the first issue included Lobo pointing to his crotch while saying, “I got yer cover enhancement right here.” At least the script is being rewritten, but we can expect this project to be no more violent than PG-13 with The Rock playing Lobo.

For posterity, we got yer picture of the tweet right here. *points to crotch*

(H/T: ENI)