Dwight Schrute Vs. Planking

On a whole I found last night’s Office premiere to be fairly disappointing. Ed Helms as the new branch manager is fine but lacked any punch, and James Spader’s James Spader-iness was criminally underused (hopefully that changes). Not all was lost though as the show tackled planking early in the episode. The low functioning phenomenon is pretty much dead now by internet standards, but it’s still pretty topical by network sitcom standards.

Dwight Schrute was charged with putting a stop to inter-office planking and he of course did so in the Schrutiest of fashions. That bit and Stanley’s new “Shove it up your butt!” routine were enough to convince me that The Office still has some gas in the tank. Full Schrute Vs. Planking GIF wall after the jump followed by several other fun insta-tributes I thought were worth sharing.

Top GIF via Taylor Candra

Dwight Schrute Vs. Planking GIF Wall

Source: Hugh Jackedman

Stanley’s new thing, Big Preggs & Little Preggs, and the new boss reveal next page…

Stanley’s New Thing

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Little Preggs & Big Preggs

Source: Schruteing

The New Boss Is…

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