‘Dying Light’ Has A New $400,000 Special Edition That Includes A Real Zombie-Proof House

Well, it’s official, video game special editions have gone next-level ridiculous.

North Americans have been able to buy Dying Light for a while, but it’s just hitting UK shelves this Friday. To celebrate, Warner Bros. Interactive is offering fans the “My Apocalypse” special edition.

For 250,000 British pounds (which translates to about 400,000 American dollars), you get a human-sized zombie statue, your face in the game, parkour lessons, night-vision goggles, a full zombie-themed house you could, conceivably, actually live in and, uh, four copies of the Dying Light. Why would you need four copies? That’s just excessive.

Here’s what the makers of Dying Light have to say about their house offer…

“When your life is on the line in an apocalypse, it’s best to come prepared. The Dying Light My Apocalypse Collector’s Edition lets you do just that. The centerpiece of this one-of-a-kind edition is a fortified zombie apocalypse-proofed house that will be built to order by UK-based Tiger Log Cabins. The house comes fully equipped with all live-in amenities and also includes an upper deck with vantage points and an escape hatch, arsenal storage for weaponry, and of course a living area with TV, Xbox One, and the latest sound system to play Dying Light on.”

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Honestly, depending on where you live, $400,000 for a new house isn’t a terrible deal. If you’re okay with living within a monument to a so-so zombie game, by all means, break out that super diamond platinum card.

Via Eurogamer