‘Dying Light’ Is A First-Person Open-World Zombie Platformer. Say What?

Just when I think nothing new could possibly be done with the zombie genre Dying Light, a new game from the makers of Dead Island, pops up on the radar.

The game essentially looks to be Mirror’s Edge with zombies. You’re a very nimble survivor tasked with freerunning in first-person around a large open world on a search for supplies before it gets dark. Because zombies are more dangerous in the dark of course. Duh. From the look of things the game either won’t contain guns, or they’ll be quite rare, but the game is promising you can use pretty much anything as a melee weapon.

No trailer yet, but you can hit the jump for the screenshots…

The game will be coming to “next gen” and current gen consoles (except the Wii U probably) like all 3rd party games. So, what do you think? A much needed breath of fresh air for zombie games, or just a random unwieldy mashup of genres?

via Destructoid