This E-Cigarette Exploding In A Man’s Pocket Is Your Best Reason To Quit Vaping For Good

There are many reasons to quit vaping, just like there are many reasons to quit smoking. Chemicals, mystery additives, possible health side effects, it’s all on the table for both. But the comparisons end when it comes to your e-cigarette blowing up in your pocket. A cigarette isn’t about to do that, unless it’s one of those joke Looney Tunes cigars.

Here we see frightening video of yet another e-cig explosion, turning this man’s pants into something you’d likely see Blackie Lawless wearing on stage. This guy is clearly not a fan and the final, VERY GRUESOME results prove that.

It really makes you wonder how guys like that Vaping congressman and Leonardo DiCaprio haven’t run into this sort of trouble. Imagine the reaction if Leo’s vape pen exploded in his face at the Golden Globes? It’d be an American tragedy. The congressman likely wouldn’t get as much sympathy, but it would still get more attention.

This guy doesn’t get anything but a nasty burn, some viral attention, and a mouth full of fire extinguisher. The least the could do is allow the guy to have whatever he bought for free. I’ll at least let him have the Blackie Lawless comparison. He’s earned it.

(Via Bro Bible)