E3 Wrap Up — Links to All of GammaSquad's Coverage and 10 More Videos of Interesting Games We Haven't Covered Yet

Well, E3 2012 is almost behind us. Before the show many were predicting this would be one of the most exciting expos in years and now as it draws to a close, well, don’t we all feel a little silly? The WiiU had its big coming-out party, then promptly drank too much and threw up all over its dress. Microsoft booked a nine-hour block of time for its press conference then forgot to bring any games. Sony…well, actually Sony did okay.

E3 2012 wasn’t a complete loss though. A few genuinely interesting games managed to bob to the surface of the ocean of brown and gunmetal grey cover-based shooters. Games like The Last of Us, Watch Dogs and Dishonored prove creative video games are still a thing occasionally made outside of indie circles.

Just in case you missed any of GammaSquad’s E3 coverage…

You can read my very serious E3 predictions from last week here and here. Ah, I was so full of enthusiasm back then. So naive. So hopeful.

Here’s my recap (with instant snarky reactions) of Microsoft’s press conference. Here’s Sony, and here’s Nintendo, as well as a quick and dirty recap of EA and Ubisoft.

Finally, hit the jump for 10 more E3 trailers we haven’t yet posted. I chose these purely on the basis of how interesting/unique they looked (or if I thought I had a good joke to make about them)…

Sleeping Dogs

Ever wanted to join an Asian gang, but not into tattoos or Asian enough? Well now you can! I admit, this trailer didn’t wow me until the end when a guy literally punches another guy’s face off. A good fist face-ectomy gets me every time.


Zeno Clash II

I’m not really sure what the Zeno Clash series is about, but I appreciate this trailer’s general insanity.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate

Cutscenes look cheesy, but the gameplay itself looks fun. So in other words, seems like MercurySteam has nailed the 2D Castlevania vibe.



I can honestly say this is the first time I’ve wanted to do a jig while watching a montage of arterial spray.


A fun looking, WiiU exclusive title from Platinum Games that Nintendo decided not to show during their press conference, because come on, that would have pushed the number if interesting WiiU exclusives show at the conference to like, three. Don’t want to get the crowd too excited. I’d post a trailer of Game & Wario too, but Nintendo didn’t even bother to make a trailer for that one.


Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Oswald can fly like a helicopter with his ears? Sold!


Star Wars 1313

In lieu of a regular trailer, LucasArts released a series of short Star Wars 1313 clips. Here, have another.

What the heck, here’s one more…

Huh. I’m interested in a Star Wars game. What a strange sensation.


The Unfinished Swan

Had to post this one just to prove what a refined and artsy motherf–ker I am.

So folks, now that we’re nearing the end, what are your overall thoughts on this year’s E3? I think…maybe I’m going to go read a book.