EA All Butthurt Over Being Worst Company In America Contender

Thanks to our very own Surly Badger, we’ve got a hilarious story of the publisher you love to hate.

Every year, the Consumerist, a blog about product recalls, customer disservice, and other ways you as a consumer get treated like dirt, celebrates March Madness with The Worst Company In America bracket. EA was paired against Sony this year, and triumphed handily, thanks to the whole FIFA hacking scandal it took them months to do anything about, and Sony not doing anything egregiously buttheaded this year (but there’s always the next!)

Anyway, a Consumerist reader known as “Marty” dropped the following message on the official Sims forums:

Every year during the NCAA playoffs, The Consumerist has their own competition whereas they have the worst companies in America competing against each other for the grand prize. EA made the competition this year, and currently they are whipping Sony by 81 per cent to 19 percent. Tells you what most people think of EA when they are consider worse than a company as bad as Sony. Can’t wait to see who they will face in the next bracket. Don’t forget to vote…. Oh, and of course, congratulations to EA and JR. Can’t think of a more deserving team.

EA sent him a nasty email: apparently, mentioning the CEO by name in a snarky fashion is “flaming an EA employee.”

We wonder if they send the same nasty email to people complaining about “Mass Effect 3″‘s ending or about the writing in “Amalur.”

image courtesy EA